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This is an update to the initial form and field notification from last Spring. Also, several managers and representatives have asked that the initial bulletin be resent

PS, the old form will still be accepted, but only the revised version is available on TFSWEB.com


TFS Securities, in an effort to serve our clients and remain fully compliant with Federal and State regulations concerning Alternative Investments, has just published a new supplemental disclosure for Alternative Investments. This new disclosure is very important because the additional disclosure seeks to further clarify the client’s investments objectives, and how investing in a particular AI is suitable.

The AI Disclosure must be completed fully and signed by both the investment professional and client(s.) The AI Disclosure is to be included with all initial and supplemental investments into Alternative Investments effective Monday, June 9th regardless of a client’s prior Alternative Investment experience. Paperwork received without the AI Disclosure beginning June 9th will not be considered in good order. Alternative Investments is a major regulatory concern and we appreciate, as always, your full attention and cooperation to help insure our client’s investment choices are the best choices for them.   

I’ve included a link to Forms section of tfsweb.com. The AI Disclosure is found under the Broker Dealer section. Remember our forms are password protected so you must be logged into the TFS website in order to access the form. Please feel free to contact me with questions.



Tomorrow's Financial Services, Inc.

Columbia Property Trust Quarterly Statement Insert

Your clients who are invested in Columbia Property Trust (f/k/a Wells REIT II) are being sent their quarterly statements along with a letter detailing several important updates about your clients’ investments, including the announcement of:

An expected public listing of the Company’s shares in October

A change to the quarterly dividend rate; and

Key new management appointments

To view your clients’ statements, please go to www.DSTVision.com

To view the letter your clients are receiving, please go to www.columbiapropertytrust.com and click the “Investor Relations” tab.