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Long Term Care Cost Survey

When advising clients on their financial matters, the discussion of Long Term Care should be paramount as part of your planning practice.

Having a basic understanding of the actual costs involved in a Long Term Care confinement can certainly aid in educating and guiding your clients regarding this important topic .

Attached please find a METLIFE Long Term Care survey with geographical breakdowns on costs and types of care. This is very helpful information.

Click on the link below.

MetLife 2012-market-survey-long-term-care-costs

Of course should you have any specific questions or case design needs please contact :

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Tips to Protect Financial Information

FINRA published, “Keeping Your Account Secure: Tips for Protecting Your Financial Information.”

According to FINRA, identity theft has advanced well beyond “dumpster diving” to recover discarded account statements or other records that have not been shredded, though this old-fashioned method still is a threat. In addition, some identity thieves “use keystroke-logging software to capture usernames and passwords, disseminating these programs through instant messages, emails, or freeware.” Likewise, “others ‘phish’ for sensitive information by sending phony emails that purport to come from a legitimate financial institution but which ask for information your firm would never request through email – such as confirmation of an account number, password, credit card number, or Social Security number.”

The FINRA publication discusses a dozen steps that investors can take to secure their brokerage accounts as well as other personal financial information. “more” Continue reading