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Pershing: NetXInvestor Update Effective 04/24/2014

As previously communicated, Pershing is in the process of changing NetXView to NetXInvestor.

Beginning on April 24th, 2014, clients will be redirected to NetXInvestor when they log in to NetXView. Please remind your clients to save the new internet address, www.netxinvestor.com, to their favorites for future use.

If your clients are not currently enrolled in e-delivery, please encourage them to sign up today!


Pershing: MyClientView

DId you know that you can see exactly what your client sees when they are logged in to NetExchangeView?

When logged in to Pershing: go to Accounts, Other, MyClientView. Here you can input the Subscriber ID, Account Number or Client Name and display the client’s NetExchangeView information. Continue reading