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Simple Submit from North American… Easy as 1-2-3!

Check out how easy the Simple Submit online application from North American is!  

Simplicity, Time Saving, and Quick Money!  Be sure to utilize Simple Submit the next time you submit a North American application!

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TFS Insurance Agency, Inc. – Simplified Application Service

Increase your productivity when you sell life
using the TFS iGo System.



*No reduction in commissions
*No paperwork
*No more missed forms
*No problems

Results you can expect:
-An average of 20 less days spent in underwriting
-10% fewer APSs ordered
-59% of cases approved as applied or better
-Reduction in time/money spent on prospecting

This FREE platform is accessible to you by logging in to www.tfsweb.com
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This means increased profitability
Greater efficiency
Higher placement ratios
Greater efficiency

Call Steven Hipsher at 732-758-9300×165 today for a demonstration of this amazing
tool that will change the way you do business.