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New TFS Securities Alternative Investments Disclosure

TFS Securities, in an effort to serve our clients and remain fully compliant with Federal and State regulations concerning Alternative Investments, has just published a new supplemental disclosure for Alternative Investments. This new disclosure is very important because the additional disclosure seeks to further clarify the client’s investments objectives, and how investing in a particular AI is suitable.

The AI Disclosure must be completed fully and signed by both the investment professional and client(s.) The AI Disclosure is to be included with all initial and supplemental investments into Alternative Investments effective Monday, June 9th regardless of a client’s prior Alternative Investment experience. Paperwork received without the AI Disclosure beginning June 9th will not be considered in good order. Alternative Investments is a major regulatory concern and we appreciate, as always, your full attention and cooperation to help insure our client’s investment choices are the best choices for them.   

I’ve included a link to Forms section of tfsweb.com. The AI Disclosure is found under the Broker Dealer section. Remember our forms are password protected so you must be logged into the TFS website in order to access the form. Please feel free to contact me with questions.



New Account Form Deadline

Just to follow-up with Jennette’s excellent post concerning Pershing forms from last week. After 12/31/13 the only edition of the new account form (NAF) that will be accepted by TFS is the 2-13 edition. All other NAF’s whether for brokerage, direct business or for account updates will be returned to the reps along with all accompanying paperwork and/or checks.

Pershing has made major changes to their NAF, and this version of the NAF is the version everyone needs to use. Previous versions are dramatically outdated and need to be discarded by representatives who are still using them.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. djohnson@tfsweb.com