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By SEPT 30th Midland Annuity is requiring an index training module to be completed on their website at

Please cut and paste the following link into your web browser:

You will need to input your user ID and password to the Midland Online Training Module.

Please review the Volatility Index training on the list of courses offered

It is a very short review but it is MANDATORY to have this completed by 9-30-14 or your applications will be held up.

Should you have any issues or questions please contact Ted Durante at 732 758 9300 ext 163

TFS Insurance Agency thanks you for your support.

Thank You


ATTN: All Midland appointed representatives

RE: Mandatory Index Training

Be advised Midland will be introducing a New “Volatility Control” Index Crediting Method on Sept 30th 2014.

They are requiring all representatives to complete the index training module by this date to continue to submit additional Retirevantage and IncomeVantage series applications.


Should you have any questions, please contact Theodore Durante, your internal annuity marketing wholesaler at the home office.

We appreciate your continued support.


Long Term Care Cost Survey

When advising clients on their financial matters, the discussion of Long Term Care should be paramount as part of your planning practice.

Having a basic understanding of the actual costs involved in a Long Term Care confinement can certainly aid in educating and guiding your clients regarding this important topic .

Attached please find a METLIFE Long Term Care survey with geographical breakdowns on costs and types of care. This is very helpful information.

Click on the link below.

MetLife 2012-market-survey-long-term-care-costs

Of course should you have any specific questions or case design needs please contact :

Theodore J Durante  CFP  CLTC at 732-758-9300 ext 163


Income Account Value or Death Benefit? Now the choice is up to your client.


Looking for an income rider with a twist?

When presenting income riders to your clients, many carriers provide great guaranteed income values and withdrawal rates.

Unfortunately, if your client passed away, this income value was often forfeited. Leaving the beneficiaries with only the actual cash value of contract, which is often  significantly lower.

Great American Life has a unique income rider that can be added to their annuity contracts.

Offering an 8% Rollup on income or death benefit value for 12 years.

Issued to age 85!!

See attached for full info

income sustainer plus NJ brchr


New Year….Higher Rates! Up to 3.8% guaranteed!

Effective January 2nd Midland National Annuity will be raising their fixed annuity rates significantly.Percent growth

For those clients sitting in low yielding CD’s and cash accounts, now is a great opportunity to discuss the advantages of guaranteed growth and tax deferral to start your fixed annuity production!


         LOW BAND          HIGH BAND ($200k+)

5 Yr  Rate        2.55%                    2.75%

7 Yr Rate         2.90%                    3.15%

8 Yr Rate         3.20%                    3.40%

10 Yr Rate       3.60%                    3.80%

Please contact TFS Insurance Agency for full details and State availability



Is LTC Insurance the answer??

Is Insurance the Answer to Long Term Care Planning?

A recent USA Today article states that there is an increase in seniors living over the age of 90.  According to author Haya El Nasser “The number of people living to age 90 and beyond has tripled in the past three decades to almost 2 million and is likely to quadruple by 2050”.

Seniors who live longer generally have some sort of disability or need help at some level of living. Sandy Markwood, CEO of the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging, indicates that the focus needs to be on being able to help these seniors live at home as long as possible as nursing home cost could rise to average $72,000 a year.

Long Term Care at any level, in the home, assisted living or nursing home can add a tremendous cost to seniors and their families.

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