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Pershing’s NetX360® Mobile App – Now Free of Charge!

We are excited to announce that Pershing’s NetX360® Mobile App is now free of charge for all users.

In today’s marketplace, it is critical that you stay connected. NetX360® Mobile enables you to conduct critical business operations while you’re on the move—wherever you are.* This intuitive app helps you stay on top of the latest market developments and updates. It also provides access to essential activities that support your business and enables you to stay productive while on the go.

You have a virtual office at your fingertips. With a few simple clicks, you can track your practice through the NetX360 Mobile dashboard and gain actionable intelligence into what’s happening in the market and with your clients’ accounts. With NetX360 Mobile, you can:

  • Access your clients’ account profile, balances, holdings and activity while you’re out of the office
  • View the balances, holdings and activity for any households you have created
  • Review market value, money funds, equity and cash available for a selected household
  • Find your clients’ contact information, view their address or even engage with them
  • Stay ahead of market shifts by absorbing real-time information and access to your watch lists
  • Be notified of time-sensitive needs via alerts and identify items that need immediate attention
  • Trade equities, ETFs and mutual funds

How to Use NetX360 Mobile

  1. Download NetX360 Mobile to your device from the Apple® App Store on your iPad® or iPhone®; from the Microsoft® Windows Store on your Windows® 8 Pro tablet, or from Google Play™ on your Android™ Smartphones.
  2. Open the NetX360 Mobile app from your mobile device and enter your NetX360 user ID and password.

NetX360 Mobile helps extend your NetX360 desktop to your mobile device. In today’s marketplace, accessing important account information when you are away from the office is critical. To learn more about NetX360 Mobile, please visit the Mobile Center in NetX360 under the Tools menu or speak to Jennette Fraler at

Anytime, anywhere—that is the power of mobility*. That is the power of NetX360 Mobile.

* Subject to system availability and an internet connection.

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How Behavioral Biases Affect Social Security Claiming Strategies

benefitsbuttonAn article from ThinkAdvisor

Read some highlights below or click here for the full article

“In its simplest form, the theory, first developed by Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman (for which the latter won a Nobel Prize), states that contrary to traditional economic theory, investors and markets are not fully rational. Translation—we’re very adept at screwing ourselves.”

“Where are we going with this? Simple—the decision about when and how to claim Social Security is no different. The strategy that’s ultimately chosen is too often influenced by external (and incorrect) stimuli rather than sound analysis and ends up hurting recipients in the long run. Take the following refrains we continually hear:”

1). “I want the money now before Social Security goes broke.”

2). “I don’t want to spend my financial portfolio until I have to.” 

3). “I’ve planned and saved with age 62 in mind, and now I’m ready to begin receiving benefits.”


Effective July 1, 2015 the April 2015 version of the New Account Form will be the only version of the New Account Form [NAF] that will be acceptable for new brokerage business, direct business and account updates.

Pershing has updated the NAF to comply with recent Internal Revenue Service mandates. In order for TFS to comply with these IRS mandates we must only accept the 4/15 version of the NAF.

All other versions of the New Account Form received after 7/1/15 will be returned to the representative with the accompanying paperwork and/or checks unprocessed. This is not something TFS desires; however, this new IRS mandate is something we all must comply with.

You can view the updated New Account Form on our website at and the form will be available on LaserApp later this week.

Simple Submit from North American… Easy as 1-2-3!

Check out how easy the Simple Submit online application from North American is!  

Simplicity, Time Saving, and Quick Money!  Be sure to utilize Simple Submit the next time you submit a North American application!

To view this page as a PDF, please click on the picture above or click here.

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