Immediate Action Required: 5/3/2015 Deadline – Your Migration to the New NetX360®

We are nearing the end of the NetX360® migration. There are only 2 weeks remaining until the previous version of NetX360 is no longer accessible. Carefully review the information below to assure that you are prepared for the transition.

System Access

If you have not installed the new NetX360, do so immediately by visiting If you participated in pre-testing, you should first uninstall any prior versions of NetX360. Once installed, you can access the new version of NetX360 using your existing NetX360 user ID and password.

You will also need to begin using the new NetX360 as much as possible to perform your daily tasks. You only can access both applications simultaneously until May 3rd, 2015, after that, the previous version of NetX360 will no longer be accessible.

Training: Pershing is hosting several training sessions to help you become proficient with the new NetX360. Please attend one of these training sessions as soon as possible. For details of NetX360 training sessions, please log on to NetX360 and click on the Resources Tab, Learning Center, Client Training Services. We encourage you to watch the Self Learning Course located on the right hand side of the screen titled “New! Transitioning to the New NetX360″. Also, please access the “e-Learning Calendar” for training sessions that are held almost daily for the New NetX360.

Please submit any questions regarding the NetX360 migration process to Jennette Fraler at Thank you again for your support during the migration process. For more information on NetX360, you may visit or