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Thanksgiving Reflections

It is wonderful to have an opportunity to enjoy a day of rest today in the aftermath of Thanksgiving. The blur of the past week is now behind us.  The challenging weather and travel schedules and the   hurdles we face to draw our families together for the holiday…The always unexpected but perfectly timed “uh-oh, the oven isn’t working” or “we need a plumber”…The endless cleaning, shopping, prepping, cooking, more cleaning, and, of course, the marathon of eating and drinking are all exhausting.

We hope that you all were able to safely connect with your loved ones and enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families.  We were so fortunate to have our children home safe and our entire extended family together to celebrate the holiday. We are so thankful for the friends and family who have traveled from far and wide to keep our family tradition alive and share in the celebration with our family.

While the aftermath of Thanksgiving can often be as messy and hectic as the days leading up to it, it is nice to have the opportunity to relax and recover, and more importantly, to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday.  How fortunate we are to share this time with our family and friends and enjoy an incredible feast.  How fortunate we are to have a safe and comfortable place to live, for the beauty that surrounds us, and the material pleasures that we enjoy every day.  How incredibly fortunate we are to have our health and our families, and of course our close friends and loyal colleagues like you who make all of this possible for our families.

Best Wishes for Health, Happiness, and Love to you all throughout the Holidays!

The Hylands and the rest of the TFS Family


It’s that time of year again. Time to get your advertising submitted for annual review. The items that needed to be reviewed are business cards, letterhead, faxes and email signatures.

*Please note* this is annual review. Even if your advertising was approved during the year, you are required to submit it once again in order to fulfill your year-end obligations.

How Do I Submit?

Please photocopy the applicable pieces and submit with an Advertising Approval form, which can be found on the TFS web, to your OSJ or supervising principal. Also, please print a copy of your email signature to send to your OSJ, forwarding an email will not suffice. FINRA requires us to have a copy of your email signature on file with your approved advertising.

Pieces that are not submitted per the guidelines above willl not be considered not in good order. The representative and their manager shall be notified. Sole responsibility for having their advertising approved is that of the representative. Failure to have advertising approved by 12/31/14 could result in a Letter of Caution being generated. We ask for your full cooperation. It will be greatly appreciated if you can assist with getting this task completed as promptly as possible.

Direct Change of Broker/Dealer Procedure

Recently there has been a rash of Change of Broker/Dealer submissions that have either included too much information or not enough information, so it’s a good time to review what is and not necessary.

1) A New Account Form if the client is new to the B/D or if the information has not been updated in the last 3 years. A NAF is necessary for each registration type being processed.

2) A completed Change of Broker/Dealer and/or Representative Authorization form. Most vendors have their own form, which is acceptable to use in place of the TFS form. Submitting both forms is not required. The vendor form is acceptable providing the client and representative sign the form, and client’s account number and social security number are on the form.

3) A recent statement from the vendor.


—Separate forms may not be required for each account. Accounts can be grouped providing the registration and vendor is the same. For instance Mary Smith has 3 IRA accounts with Franklin Templeton. All 3 accounts can be listed on the same form.  (Please remember to write each account number on the form or else the vendor will reject the request.) Also, Mary and John Smith have 1 account with Franklin Templeton and 1 account with Lord Abbett. 2 forms must be a submitted in this case.



New Fund Changes!

Our Quarterly Fund Replacement Review has been performed. In keeping with the program’s goal of maintaining only the highest quality funds in the investment portfolio, the following changes have been implemented:exchange image 3

  • iShares North American Natural Resources (IGE) exchanged for Vanguard Materials ETF (VAW) — Due to the recent volatility in the Natural Resources asset class, it provided us with an opportunity to harvest some short-term tax losses by substituting IGE for the materially similar VAW. 
  • RS Select Growth Y (RSSYX) exchanged for iShares Mid Cap Growth (IWP) and Eagle Mid Cap Growth I (HAGIX)

The fund families currently owned in model portfolios are now: Laudus, Franklin Templeton, SunAmerica, iShares, J.P. Morgan, T. Rowe Price, Delaware, Eagle, Oppenheimer, MFS, AMG Managers, Weitz, Metropolitan, Vanguard, Western Asset, and TCW.

 For the performance of each portfolio model, or additional information on any of the extensive ongoing management benefits, please feel free to contact Tara Giarraffa Recupido at (800) 614-2980 or visit