The NEW Guarantee Builder – More Than Just Life Insurance

New life insurance products are consistently unveiled by the industry, and over the years, they seem to get better at addressing client needs. There are a number of products to choose from today to provide protection for myriad life events, including:

  • Unexpected death
  • Leaving a legacy
  • Protecting income
  • Being confined to a nursing home
  • Being diagnosed with a terminal illness
  • Having a heart attack, stroke, or cancer
  • Retiring
  • Putting a child through college
  • Estate planning

Recently, some life insurance products have done a tremendous job of offering clients additional protection and flexibility beyond the death benefit. The only problem was that there wasn’t a product that could provide protection against everything listed above and more. Until now.

The NEW Guarantee Builder® Indexed Universal Life Insurance is a truly versatile product. Death benefit guarantees, cash accumulation potential, accelerated death benefit endorsements, and a number of other features offer protection for the client for just about any life event. Here are a few highlights:

Death Benefit Guarantees* – The secondary no-lapse death benefit guarantee can be guaranteed to any age or for life to cover estate planning needs, income replacement, or leaving a legacy.

Cash Accumulation Potential – One of 13 different indexing buckets to choose from, the S&P 500® Annual Point-to-Point has a current cap of 13.5%. Cash can accumulate in the policy to supplement retirement income, help cover college costs, or serve other needs.

Accelerated Death Benefit Endorsements – With the three types of accelerated death benefits, clients can access funds for terminal, chronic, or critical illnesses.

As you build your next case, consider looking at our the North American Guarantee Builder to cover your client’s needs and many more.

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