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Thanksgiving Holiday

To All Loyal TFS Family Members,

As the last leaves fall from the trees and the weather turns cold and grey, it reminds us that Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  In keeping with our annual tradition, our offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday.  TFS Securities, Inc. will remain open on Friday as required by law.  Many thanks to Jennette Fraler for stepping up to hold down the fort!  All other TFS staff members will be off on Thursday and Friday enjoying the holiday with their families.  All registered branch offices of TFS Securities, Inc. are also required to be open for business on Friday, as dictated by securities law.  Our department heads will be checking emails periodically throughout the day.  In the event of a true emergency, please email me at

In consideration of the severe weather forecast, please be sure to travel safely throughout the holiday weekend.

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Pershing: 2013 Required Minimum Distributions

As we approach the end of 2013, please continue to process all remaining Required Minimum Distributions.

You can see the current status of accounts by going to Accounts, All Accounts, IFA, then click on Required Minimum Distribution. Here you will be able to see what the RMD amount is and how much has already been taken for the year.

Please be sure to process all Required Minimum Distribution Requests prior to December 31, 2013.

Awesome Sales Opportunity

I wanted to take a moment to share with you a sales idea. As we all know the main purpose for life insurance is death benefit. However, in addition to having a death benefit for your client’s heirs; with the right product your client can also have the potential for college funding and retirement planning in one product.

In this link,  College Funding & Retirement Hypo (click here) you will see a hypothetical illustration for a young family insuring the mother at age 31 with the North American Builder IUL.  Considering her child is 6 years old, variable loans will come out starting policy year 12 (when the child is college age) through policy year 15.  With the family paying only $200 per month until policy year 12 (payments will stop through the college years) they are able to take a loan of $7,942.00 each year their child is in college.  Then, they will resume paying $200 per month until the mother is retirement age (65).  Then through variable loans again – the illustration shows $31,409.00 coming out each year until age 100.

This concept sheet, Life Insurance to Supplement Retirement (click here) discusses the target client who might want to take advantage of Life Insurance to help supplement their retirement.

Our Preferred Partner, North American wants to help you promote these ideas with your clients. They have a library of marketing materials, including these beautiful customizable postcards available to you at NO cost.
Untitled-1Be sure to reach out to Steven Hipsher at the TFS Home Office today to find out more about these and other exciting sales opportunities just waiting for your clients. For the full sales suite on College Planning or Life Insurance to Supplement Retirement, please click the below links.

Using Life Insurance to help with college funding

Life Insurance as a supplemental retirement


It’s That Time of Year….

…to submit your year-end requirements.

Not sure what to send in?

No problem.

As discussed during last month’s annual Compliance meeting a copy of all advertising including business cards, stationary and email signatures need to be sent to your manager along with an advertising approval form before being sent to TFS Compliance for approval, so why not get this requirement out of the way before TFS Compliance starts asking for it?

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at




A few sales concepts to help make your 4th quarter stronger

 It’s that time of year…



Time to collect fourth-quarter sales and submit your business!

Be sure you take advantage of the TFS Fast Start Bonus Program by placing business with North American before the end of 2013. With this bonus program you could earn up to 105% of the target premium. To help you take advantage of this bonus opportunity, TFS and North American have put together three great sales ideas to help you make the extra push this year. With our new products, conversion options, and sales concept kits, and bonus program there’s no time like the present to submit your life insurance business with North American.

Click the picture above to see our sales ideas, and prepare for harvest time!

To learn more, contact the TFS Home Office at
(732) 758-9300 ext. 165 or

Important Change Regarding Change of Broker/Dealer Requests

Prudential recently changed their policy concerning change of Broker/Dealer requests. Prudential will no longer accept faxed or emailed change of Broker/Dealer requests. All requests must contain original signatures.

As of right now all of our other business partners are still accepting change B/D requests via email or fax after they have been approved. If that policy changes, TFS Complaince will notify the field promptly. Also, just a reminder, a change of Broker/Dealer request must be accompanied by a signed new account form if the client is either changing firms or representatives. A change of B/D will not be processed until a NAF is received and in good order.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me