Prudential – Product Portfolio Reprice Announced


Product Portfolio Reprice Announced

Effective October 7, 2013 Prudential will reprice the following products:

  • PruLife Custom Premier II, Index Advantage UL, and UL Protector:
    Rates for full-pay & single-pay scenarios will increase approximately 5%.
  • Return Of Premium Term:
    Rates will increase approximately 4%.

Transition Rules:

  • All applications signed and dated on or before November 4, 2013 and received at Prudential in good order will receive new rates, but can still receive old rates with a written request and the appropriate illustration.
  • All applications dated on or after November 3, 2013 (for states approved on October 7) will only have the option for new rates.
  • All applications for old rates must be received in home office by November 8, 2013 and issued by December 31, 2013.
  • States that approve the re-pricing after October 7, 2013 will have their “Ready to Sell Date” and “Transition Period End Date” adjusted.


Normal backdating rules apply. This means that the new policy date can be backdated up to six months prior to the application date (three months in Ohio). A policy with “new” rates can be dated prior to the state introduction date as long as the application meets the requirements in the TRANSITION RULES above.

For Illustrations and Application Materials, Please Contact The TFS Home Office
at 732-758-9300x 165 or email